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Welcome To Our Mobility Products Area
You can find just about any type of mobility product available in this section. Select from WINMED powered scooters, rolling walkers or folding walkers. Fore-Arm crutches available with a size and fit for anyone, wheelchair parts, wheelchairs, blind person's canes, and over 50 special design canes. Click links above for a huge selection of mobility products designed especially for increasing your patients safety and mobility.

Featured Items  -  Many More Are Available

WINMED 4-Wheel
Rolling Walker


Horizon Wheelchair

Fore-Arm Crutches

Chanson IV
Powered Scooter
Dannie four wheel steel rollator



Walking Canes - many styles and heights available

Classic styles

Novelty grips

Designer Handles

Carved Handles

Brass Handles

Orthopedic Grip Handle

6095.jpg (23107 bytes)

Folding Cane

6579.jpg (18689 bytes)

Offset Cane

6657.jpg (5399 bytes)

        Rubbermaid Explorer Cane

6688.jpg (5044 bytes)

Wrist Strap for Canes




Powered Chairs

Anello Chairs

More Chairs



Catalina Wheelchair


Dimension Reclining Wheelchair

Excel Wheelchair




Children's walkers


Winmed Nannie Deluxe


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