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Patella Knee Stabilizers

For correcting lateral patella tracking.


Most Popular!
Bio Skin's Patella Stabilizer
Bio Skin's Patella Stabilizer

Osgood schlatters knee brace
Donjoy's "H" Buttress Knee Support


With Cawley Tension Hinge


Air Donjoy: with Inflatable Pneumatic Buttress

® Knee Support
Knee Support

Patello femoral knee brace by Donjoy
DonJoy Deluxe Donut Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace

J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer

Q-Brace by Bio-Skin


Shields Patella

Stabilizing Brace

Hely Weber
Superior Buttress

Patella Stabilizer by Cho Pat
Patella Stabilizer by Cho-Pat

Hely Weber
Inferior "U" Buttress

Hely Weber
Medial Lateral Buttress

Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve with Strap

Hely Weber
Superior Buttress

Improves patella tracking

Premium Patella Stabiling Brace by Palumbo
Premium Palumbo


® P3

Knee Support

Comfor™ Cartilage Knee Support

Cramer Diamond Knee Stabilizer

J-Lat knee support by Pro-Tec
J-Lat by PRO-TEC®

Knee Stabilizer

Magnetic Knee Stabilizer

Magnetic Knee Support w/ Trioxon

Patella Tracking Stabilizer

Knee Derotation Brace

Reinforced Patella Stabilizer


Patella Stabilizer w/ Buttress


Lateral Patella Stabilizer


Patella Stabilizer

Stabilized Knee Support


Adjustable  Knee  w/ Lateral Support

*Latex & Neoprene Free*

HG80 Knee Brace

*Latex & Neoprene Free*

HG80 Knee Stabilizer

LifeCare Contour Knee

Universal Patella Stabilizer

Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace

Wraparound Knee Brace

Deluxe Wraparound Knee Brace

Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

Cross Strap Knee

MVP Knee

K44-OP Patella Stabilizer

Patella Stabilizer w/ Buttress

K4-F Fan Knee Stabilizer Diamond X Theory

Fan Knee Stabilizer

K14-D Knee Support

Knee Support w/ Stays

K15 Patellar Stabilizer

Patella Stabilizer

K404 Patella Knee Support

Patella Knee Support w/ Positive Control Strap

K4-U Patellar Knee Support

Patellar Knee Support

K8-U Knee Support

Open Patella Knee Support

Corflex Inc - Knee-O-Trakker W/Stays

Knee O Tracker w/ Stays 

Corflex Inc - U-Shaped Patella Stabilizer

U Shaped Patella Stabilizer 

Corflex Inc - Patella Stabilizer W/Cor-Trak Buttress

Patella Stabilizer w/ Cor-Trak Buttress

Corflex Inc - J-Pull Patella Stabilizer

J Pull Stabilizer Knee Brace

Corflex Inc - C-Pull Patella Stabilizer

C Pull Stabilizer Knee Brace

Corflex Inc - Posterior Adjustable Knee Sleeve W/Cor-Trak Buttress

Posterior Adjustable Knee Sleeve w/ Cor-Trak Buttress and Stays

Corflex Inc - Medial-Lateral Patella Stabilizer

Medial/Lateral Patella Stabilizer

Corflex Inc - Kinetic Posterior Adjustable Knee Sleeve W/Cor-Trak Buttress

Kinetic Posterior Adjustable Knee Sleeve w/ Cor-Track Buttress

Corflex Inc - Anterior Closure Knee Wrap W/Stays

Anterior Closure Knee Wrap w/ Stays

Corflex Inc - Osgood-Schlatter Knee Sleeve

Osgood Schlatter Knee Sleeve

Corflex Inc - Victory Knee Brace

Victory Knee Brace

Deluxe Knee Support w/ Trimmable Buttress

Fan Knee Stabilizer

Full Length Patella Stabilizer

Knee Support w/ Trimmable Buttress




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