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Hinged Knee Braces & Supports

DonJoy PlayMaker

Suitable for mild to moderate MCL, LCL and/or ACL, PCL instabilities, this neoprene brace with extended hinge bars is an ideal for use in sporting activities
Playmaker Wraparound
Wrap Around PlayMaker

The wrap around design makes this brace ideal for those patients who have trouble applying a sleeve-style brace

Bioskin's hinged patella stabilizer
The Hinged Knee Skin  is the lightest hinge available. The bicentric aluminum alloy hinge is offset to eliminate pressure at the joint line

DONJOY Drytex™

Hinged brace for mild medial/lateral support of the knee. Designed to maintain warmth, provide compression and support yet allow for breathability.

Pro Stabilizer by McDavid
Professional quality bilateral design for advanced knee support and protection. A superior design for knee protection in all types of sports or activities.

Strong, lightweight composite hinges with unique non-slip strips for a comfortable and even fit.
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Patella Stabilizers

Bio Skin's Patella Stabilizer

Indications: mild strains, sprains, joint swelling and joint pain, contusion, effusion, infrapatellar, subpatellar bursitis, meniscus tear, osteoarthrosis, patellar tendonitis, per anserinus tendonitis, prepatellar tendonitis, and sprain.

Osgood schlatters knee brace
Donjoy's "H" Buttress Knee Support

Ideal Application for Osgood Schlatters
Provides patellar support for chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, subluxations and Osgood-Schlatters for the knee.

Patello femoral knee brace by Donjoy
Patello-Femoral knee brace

The full tubular donut support sewn into this knee brace offers full-circumference control for patello-femoral disorders.

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Patella Tendon Straps

Protec Patella Tendon Strap
KNEE PRO-TEC is a means of prevention and treatment for Tendonitis, Chondromalacia, Patella Instability and other knee ailments.

Cho Pat patellar tendon strap
Cho Pat Patellar Strap
Cho Pat is easy, simple, comfortable and doesn't hinder activity. It is economical. Cho Pat applies pressure over the patellar tendon. Indicated for chondromalacia.

GelBand Knee Strap
This patella strap provides the ideal in therapeutic support - conforming compression without restricting circulation.  Use this support to treat symptomatic pain from Chondromalacia patella Syndrome, Patellar Tendonitis, and Osgood-Schlatter's disease.

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Knitted Knee Supports

GenuTrain® Knee Support by Bauerfeind®
Cartilage knee support by Donjoy for post-arthroscopic knee surgery
Cartilage Knee Support
Post-Arthroscopic Surgery
by Donjoy

Zipper Knee Support
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Protective Knee Braces and Supports for Contact Sports and Knee Injury Prevention

Thermoskin Padded Knee

Spider knee pad offers protection to the knee
Spider Knee Pad by Donjoy

The unique honeycomb design contours for comfortable movement while providing a cushioning protection to the knee.

knee Brace
Pneumatic knee brace with air chambers
Provides impact protection for knee during active sports. Exerts pressure around patella for unsurpassed stability. Reduces or eliminates taping and strapping needs.

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Patella Stabilizer

Patella Stabilizer


Visco Knee Skin

Visco Knee Skin

Q Brace Front Closure

Q Brace


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