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Orthotic Inserts for arch pain - Foot Orthotics

Tulis Foot and Heel Products

Gaitor Arch Supports
Tuli's Gaitors will provide immediate and maximum relief for the common painful conditions known as Planter Fasciitis (heel and arch pain)  and Heel Spurs (painful heels).

Tulis RoadRunners

Tulis Road Runners™
The built-in arch stabilizer provides support for greater stability. In addition Tuli's Stay Fresh Fabric is made with bacteria and fungus inhibitors which reduce unwanted odors.

Gel Heel Cups

Gel Heel Cups
The unique character of TuliGEL, combined with our patented waffle design, provides the ultimate in shock and absorption. Use Standard Gel Heel Cups for everyday use and Heavy Duty heel Cups for high impact activities.

Standard Heel Cups

Standard Heel Cups
Tuli's New Double-Ribbed Standard heel cups provide relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. Worn in your shoes, Tuli's Standard Heel Cups will help prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs.

Pro Heel Cups

Pro Heel Cups
Tuli's Double-Ribbed Pro heel cups are the most advanced shock absorbing heel cups available today. The primary force of the heel strike is absorbed by the larger and higher waffle pattern while the lower and denser waffle pattern absorbs the "high pressure" and final force spike of heel strike. Perfect for sports activities.

Semi-Rigid Heel Cups

Semi-Rigid heel Cups
Tuli's Semi-Rigid heel cups provide a lift along with maximum lateral stability. Great for skiers, skaters and rollerbladers. Helps prevent and correct pronation in adults and children.

Tuli's Cheetahs

Tuli's Cheetahs
At last, shock absorption and ankle support in one lightweight unit. Cheetahs are a dynamic and revolutionary new combination of shock absorption and lightweight neoprene support. Cheetahs are ideal for athletes, gymnasts, or anyone who works or plays on their feet.

Heel Fatigue Mats

Heel Fatigue Mats
TuliGEL Heel Fatigue Mats are the ideal protection when a low-profile shock absorber is needed. Slipping smoothly into the heel of your shoe TuliGEL heel fatigue mats have the same protective design as Tuli's Heel cups.

Metatarsal Cushions

Metatarsal Cushions
At last! ...Instant relief for tired, swollen, aching metatarsals. TuliGEL Metatarsal Cushions relieve that agonizing forefoot pain when wearing high heel fashion or dress shoes.

Personal Fatigue Mats

Personal Fatigue Mats
TuliGEL Personal Fatigue Mats have been scientifically and medically designed to protect your feet from hard, unyielding surfaces. The unique tic-tac-toe soft waffle pattern interrupts the shock waves created while walking or running, helping to prevent fatigue, tired, swollen, aching feet and backache. It you work on hard concrete sufaces, TuliGEL Personal Fatigue Mats can make a real difference in how you feel.

Energy Tracks

Energy Tracks
TuliGEL Energy Tracks, a completely new concept in athletic foot protection. The unique rib configuration actually stores and releases impact energy, helping to improve your overall performance. The Energy Tracks ability to absorb shock will reduce fatigue and may actually help lower the incidence of injury. The bult-in heel cup provides lateral support for greater stability.



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