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Ankle Knee Shoulder Back Wrist

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SWEDE O Ankle Lok®

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Optional Stabilizer
Patented offset "ANKLE LOK" panel
Patented close spaced "ANKLE LOK" eylets
Swede O Ankle Lok
Patented internal U-shaped spiral stays
Swede O Ankle Lok
Woven vinyl laminate
Full elastic back
Short contoured heat sealed arch
Superior Support Comes From Patented Features
Exclusive patented Ankle Lok offset flap.  Only Swede-O has a patented outside offset Ankle Lok flap which when laced tightly pulls the ankle into a stable  position and holds it more securely than any other lace-up ankle brace.
Patented Ankle Lok close spaced eyelets.  Swede-O has a patented set of close spaced Ankle Lok eyelets in the middle to concentrate the holding power where it's most needed.
Patented internal U-shaped spiral stays.  Swede-O has a pair of stainless steel U-shaped spiral wound stays which are built into each brace which provide extra support and further minimize the chance for ankle injury.
Swede-O Ankle Braces Save Time and Money
Ankle braces go on fast and the athlete does the applying so there is no waiting in line to be taped.  Valuable trainer and coach time is saved when taping is eliminated.
Tape costs six times more than an ankle brace when used for an average sport season, and Swede-O braces are guaranteed for one full year, potentially permitting use in several sports.
Superior Comfort Comes From The Exclusive Swede-O Design
In an independent study of athletes Swede-O ankle braces were chosen as most comfortable.
Full elastic back.  Only Swede-O has elastic all the way up the back of the brace to ensure complete unresricted blood flow to the Achilles' tendon and virtually eliminates the chance for blistering.
Short curved heat-sealed arch.  Only Swede-O has a short curved arch which fits the contour of the foot and is seamless so you don't feel the seam.  This shorter arch allows full range of motion comfortably.
Triple layer woven vinyl laminate.  Only Swede-O uses more layers of this woven material which conforms to the shape of your foot.  Triple layers which are light but super strong give Swede-O its low bulk design which fits comfortably in your regular sized athletic shoe.
Swede O Ankle Lok
Clearly Better
1. The offset eyelets give you greater leverage so you can lace a Swede-O tighter for a more effective "ANKLE LOK"
  2. The offset panel traps the tightened laces between the inner and outer flap so the Swede-O holds the laces tighter longer than any other brace.
Swede-O Lace-Up ankle Swede-O Lace-up with padded tongue
SWEDE-O Lace-Up with knit tongue SWEDE-O Lace-up with padded tongue

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Sizes base on shoe size
US MENS   3-5 6-7 8-10 11-12 13-14 15+
US WOMENS 2-3 4-6 7-9 10-11 12-13    
UK MENS   2˝-3˝ 4-6 7-9 10    
UK WOMENS   3-4 5-6˝ 7-8 8˝-9˝    
CONTINENTAL 35 37-38˝ 40 41-43 44-45 46  
JAPANESE   23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30    
Padded Tongue White - S-01011 S-01012 S-01013 S-01014 S-01015 S-01016
Knit Tongue White S-01210 S-01211 S-01212 S-01213 S-01214 S-01215 S-01216
Knit Tongue Black   S-21211 S-21212 S-21213 S-21214 S-21215 S-21216
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