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ANKLE Supports and Braces

Bioskin's Visco Ankle
The Visco ankle is a pull on Bio Skin sock designed for reducing edema. The Figure 8 wrap gives extra compression and support.


Chameleon Active Ankle

Stabilizing ankle support by Donjoy
Stabilizing ankle support by Donjoy

The stabilizing ankle support features no-stretch nylon figure 8 straps which lock the calcaneus into place to help control abnormal eversion and inversion.
Swedo Ankle Support
Swede-o Ankle Support

Only Swede-O has a patented off set Ankle Lok flap which when laced tightly pulls the ankle into position and holds it more securely than any other lace-up ankle brace.
Most Popular!
ASO (Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis)
ASO (Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis)
Superior support is achieved through exclusive non-stretch nylon stabilizing straps that mirror the stirrup technique of an athletic taping application.

T2 Active Ankle Support

The T2 active ankle support, is  state of the art ankle protection gear.  It's feather light EVA padding system hugs every contour of the ankle for an incredibly snug, comfortable fit.

Swedo's Atom Ankle Brace: Available in White or Black
Swede-O Atom Ankle brace

Better protection: Parabolic yoke design gives improved suppport and eliminates the need for extra support straps.

Universal Ankle Stirrup by DonJoy
Universal Ankle Stirrup by DonJoy

Can be used for acute ankle sprains, chronic ankle instabilities as well as prophylactic use. This low profile ankle brace, made of a rigid unified plastic outer shell, fits easily into all shoe types.

AchilloTrain® Achilles Tendonitis

Indications: Achilles tendonitis, Acute Achilles paratendonits, Achillobursitis, Post-operative treatment after Achilles tendon ruptures, Posterior Achilles tendon bursitis.

® Ankle by Bauerfeind®

Malleoloc for lateral ankle instability. Designed to prevent inversion and eversion. Malleoloc does not restrict plantar and dorsiflexion. Excellent for sports use.
Lace up RocketSoc ankle brace by Donjoy
Lace-up RocketSoc® by Donjoy

Designed for stability, comfort and fit, the Lace-up RocketSoc® is ideal for chronic ankle sprains as well as prophylactic use.

Aircast's Ankle Stirrup Support

Inflated aircells offer comfort and graduated compression with its therapeutic benefits.  Worn with a laced shoe, the Air-Stirrup restricts inversion/eversion and permits normal flexion.

BREG Kool Air Support
An ideal support for acute as well as chronic ankle sprains. The Ankle Stirrup has medial and lateral rigid supports to protect against inversion and eversion

V-Lock Ankle Brace by epX
High performance ankle stabilizer is constructed of epX base material for low-profile fit, making the support comfortable in any shoe

® by Bauerfeind®
Knitted ankle support incorporating an anatomically contoured silicone insert lying posterior to the medial and lateral malleolus and over the front of the foot. Used to reduce swelling and soreness.
Elastic Ankle Support by Donjoy
Elastic Ankle Support by Donjoy

The Deluxe Elastic Ankle Support is a neoprene alternative, constructed of heavy-duty cotton elastic.

Ankle Brace Lock by BREG
An excellent alternative to tape, the ABL is ideal for mild to moderate ankle support for inversion and eversion injuries
Magnetic ankle brace by Bioflex
Magnetic Ankle Support

Magnetism can increase blood circulation, according to the Hall Effect, a principle of physics.  This principle states that when a magnetic field, which provides deep heat, is place over blood vessels, the heat and mechanical change in blood flow cause the blood vessels to widen.  This allows a greater amount of blood to pass through, increasing the circulation.
Bauerfeind's Compro Ankle
Compro Ankle by Bauerfeind

Proven effective in the treatment of swelling and edema of the ankle joints. Controlled, uniform compression throughout entire effected area.

DonJoy Ankle Ligament Protector
In addition to chronic instabilities and prophylactic use, this support is ideal for jumping sports, such as volleyball and basketball
Ankle Brace w/Heel Cup
Tuli's Cheetahs
Tuli's Cheetahs

At last, shock absorption and ankle support in one lightweight unit. Cheetahs are a dynamic and revolutionary new combination of shock absorption and lightweight neoprene support. Cheetahs are ideal for athletes, gymnasts, or anyone who works or plays on their feet.  

HealWell Night Splint

Can be used for::
Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Plantarflexion Contractures, Heel Spurs, Equinous Conditions, Pronation Syndromes, Muscle Tightening and Runner's Cramp
AirHeel by Aircast

The AirHeel™ is specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain.

*NEW* Active Ankle Volt Brace

Active Ankle's newest line of defense against ankle injuries.

Power Lacer Ankle

Athletes who prefer the comfort and mobility of a lace up but desire the added support provided by controlling both the heel and forefoot.

AS1 Ankle

Athletes who prefer the comfort  and mobility of a lace up but desire the added support and security of a "tape job".

EZ Lacer Ankle

Recreational athletes looking for an inexpensive ankle support with high degree of adjustability and comfortable fit.

Elite Ankle Brace

Provides strong support around the ankle joint, and protects against inversion and eversion sprains.

Direct Kick Ankle

Players who do not like tape and desire an additional level of ankle support.

Ankle Defender 3

Stabilizes the ankle in cases of ankle sprain. 

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