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Thumb Braces and Splints

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Deluxe Thumb Splint

Universal Thumb/Wrist Splint

Trimable thumb with wrist wrap
Trimable Thumb
Trimable Thumb with wrist
wrap, Neoprene

Thumb Orthosis w/stay

Offers increased support of the CMC joint.


Smith Nephew Long Thumb Splint

Rheuma Thumb Brace by Otto Bock.


Rheuma Thumb Brace

Classic Wrist Brace with Thumb

Designed for arthritis at the CMC and MCP joints of the thumb

Smith Nephew Short Thumb Splint

Thumb/Finger Splint

Ryno Lacer Wrist and Thumb Support.

Short - $29.95

Long - $34.95

Ryno Wrist and Thumb Brace


ComfortForm Wrist w/ Abducted Thumb


QuickForm Wrist and Thumb Orthosis


Thumb Splint


Flexible Thumb Splint


Thumb Stabilizer

Short - $14.95

Long - $19.95

Suede Thumb Support


Wrist Brace w/ Thumb Abduction

W47 Wrist Support


Wrist and Thumb Brace

W11 Thumb Splint


Thumb Splint

W57 Thumb and Wrist Support


Wrist and Thumb Support

Corflex Inc - Target Hitchhiker Thumb


Target Hitchhiker Thumb Brace

Ultra Fit Wrist Splint W/Abducted Thumb


Ultra Fit Wrist w/ Abducted Thumb

Corflex Inc - Ultra Fit Cool Wrist Splint w/Abducted Thumb


Ultra Fit Cool Wrist w/ Abducted Thumb

Corflex Inc - Signature Wrist Splint w/Abducted Thumb


Signature Wrist w/ Abducted Thumb

Corflex Inc - Thumbster Soft


Thumbster Soft

Limited Quantity

Suede Thumb Orthosis



Thumb Guard

Corflex Inc - Wrist / Hand / Thumb Orthosis


Wrist, Hand, & Thumb Orthosis


Wrist Splint w/ Thumb Spica


RhizoLoc® Thumb Support


Thumb Supports and Wraps

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Pull On Neoprene Thumb Support


Wrist/Thumb Wrap


Wrist Support w/ Thumb Hole

W56 Pull on Thumb and Wrist Support


Pull On Wrist and Thumb Support

Corflex Inc - Target Sewn Thumb


Target Sewn Thumb


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